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It started in 2010...

pediped baby hug

In that year I gave birth to my first child.

As it has been for countless first-time mothers, having a baby was the most profound physical, emotional and spiritual experience of my life. And of course, everything changed. My career went on hold. My social life disappeared. In their place appeared dirty nappies, sleepless nights and a deep sense of joy.

Parenting Starts Now

As always, my partner and I suddenly became responsible for loads of decisions on new and suddenly very important things. One of them was the eventual choice of what to put on our baby's feet. We prefer our child walking bare foot on fresh grass, but we realised that children eventually have to start taking their first steps on rough terrain.

So Little Time, So Few Choices

We found a number of different footwear brands for children that were okay, but the one that clearly stood out (and the one that I eventually fell in love with) was pediped®.

Working From Home, Please

Raising a child and having no money for (or much trust in) childcare services was another problem. So as long as it didn't interfere with the baby's needs or my own health, eventually I knew I should try working from home.

It took some time, plenty of exploring and lots of trial & error, but I finally realised that I could combine "working" with something that I genuinely love (and use myself)...