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Choosing the correct footwear size is extremely important. Each child's foot is UNIQUE, and that's why the same size may not fit two kids equally, even if they're the same age. Not only that, but size tends to vary across footwear brands - pediped® tends to be larger than European footwear brands. So, if you're not using pediped® right now, please do NOT use your current brand as a reference for the size you need to buy. You'll most likely get the wrong size! So what do you need to do? There's a simple solution: measure!

How to Measure your Child's Feet

To make sure you're choosing the right size, you must measure BOTH feet. It's also important to measure while the child is STANDING, as their bodyweight literally increases the size of their feet! You need to measure from the heel to the tip of the longest toe from the BOTTOM (or sole) of the foot, so the best approach is to put your measuring device on the floor and let the child step on it.

How Much Space Is Needed Above The Toe?

Your child MUST BE ABLE TO MOVE THEIR TOES while wearing their shoe; this means the shoe is not oppressing their feet. Kids use their toes to hold on to the ground, even more in the first walking stages. Ideally, you must leave between 0.70 and 1 cm (a minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 1.3 cm) between the toes and the end of the shoe so that it doesn't interfere with the foot's natural development.



0-6 months 10.5 cm
6-12 months 11.6 cm
12-18 months 12.4 cm
18-24 months 13.3 cm

GRIP 'n' GO and FLEX®

3.5 19 12.2 cm 12-18 months
4 20 13.0 cm 18-24 months
4.5 21 13.7 cm 18-24 months
5-5.5 22 14.5 cm 2 years
6 23 15.2 cm 2-2.5 years
6.5-7 24 15.5 cm 2.5 years
7-7.5 25 16.0 cm 2.5-3 years
8-8.5 26 16.8 cm 3-3.5 years
9-9.5 27 17.5 cm 4 years
10-10.5 28 18.2 cm 4-4.5 years
11 29 19.0 cm 5 years
11.5-12 30 19.5 cm 5-5.5 years
12-12.5 31 20.0 cm 6 years
13-13.5 32 20.8 cm 6-6.5 years
14-1 youth 33 21.5 cm 7 years
1.5-2 34 22.2 cm 7-7.5 years
2.5 35 23.0 cm 8 years
3-3.5 36 23.7 cm 8-8.5 years
4 37 23.7 cm 8-8.5 years
4.5-5 38 23.7 cm 8-8.5 years
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